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Old Double

Gas Filled Low E Units used by Cozy Glaze, Ireland to replace old single glazing or less energy efficient double glazing

Double Glazing Upgrades

COZYGLAZE also upgrade old or poor performing double glazing to modern "A" Rated Double Glazing.

Early double-glazing was as simple as 2 panes of ordinary glass joined together. It was a small step up from single glazing but with modern advances in both glass manufacturing technology and with research into energy management, experts learnt that poor performing glazing is a major weak link in Building Energy Rating (BER).

COZYGLAZE use top quality LOW E Glass and fill the void in double glazing with gas to produce a very low "A" Rated Unit thus reducing heat loss in the home and lowering energy bills for the home owner.

Does Your Double Glazing Need Replacing?

Sometimes the problem is very obvious, you may notice excessive condensation inside or even within the Double Glazed Unit. This means the unit is no longer functioning and needs replacement.

In most cases the only way of telling is to use a thermal imaging camera but fortunately Nature has blessed us with our own senses, particularly the ability to sense cold or heat.

If you find yourself dressing up to stay indoors, chances are your windows have seen better days.

Contact COZYGLAZE and we will evaluate your building and provide you with a no obligation quotation to upgrade your double glazing today!